August 7th 2010

Another beautiful day in Saratoga. It was a pleasure seeing everyone out at the farm

First breeze of the morning was Frenetic 08 and Gypsy Jingle 08.  They breezed an 1/8 Frenetic's time was 15 and Gypsy jingle did it in 14.8...

Onehotkittyinthecity, Ahnee Dios 08, and Say Sandy Baby breeze 1/4. Say Sandy Baby's time was 27.1 and Ahnee Dios and Onehotkittyinthecity both in 28

Saratoga Squire, Saratoga Tiger amd Brandala 08 breeze3/8's all in 42.1

Italian Isis and Princess Corrigan 08 breeze 1/4 both in 25.5 we apologize commentary is incorrect

Western Slang, Penny Annie Cowgirl and Bangles and beads 08 workout

Lovely Saratoga,Desert Warrior, Hollywood Wonder 08, and Some Legend Workout

Workouts that were not filmed and we apologize for that were Dakota's Pick jogging with Desenferendo and Sui Generus and Designer Phone 08 working with City Mint and Buttons on Blue 08. Have a great week and we will see you all next Saturday.

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