September 18th 2010

Dakota's Pick, City Mint, Designer Phone 08, and Hollywood Wonder 08 all have their first breeze.  They breezed an 1/8 in 13.2

Desenfrenado and Lovely Saratoga worked 2 and 2 together Brandala walking and Harlins Holiday in roundpen under tack

Jerome Folly 08 Pressed and Ready 08 Hoykittyinthecity and Poetic Touch workout. All galloping twice except Poetic Touch who is just jogging

Princess Corrigan 08, Say Sandy Baby Gypsy Jingle breeze 3/8s in 40.

Sui Generis breezed 1/8th in 12 Some Legend Desert Warrior and Bangles and Beads breeze 1/4 Bangles and Some legend in 25.3 Desert Warrior in 26

Western Slang and Saratoga Tiger workout

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