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Acreage & Paddocks

Goodwin Farm offers 56 acres of mountain-view paddocks complete with natural ponds and brooks. Our paddocks are treated annually to ensure plenty of lush forage. This scenic acreage is used for both daily turn-out for our “in-training” horses as well as out door living fields.

Round Pen

Built in European style this 120’ diameter, 6’ high, solid walled pen is perfect for breaking. It also doubles as a small turn-out area for horses just coming off of lay-up.

Exercise Tracks

Goodwin Farm has two exercise tracks. The main track, 5/8th mile long, rolls up and down slight hills. The slight incline and then decline help increase stamina and muscle development. We professionally groom the track twice daily. During the winter, upstate New York’s ample snow fall is put to good use as a goomable surface.  This track is registered with Equibase to record all breezes.
Our secondary track is 500’ in length and is used for light workouts and tack-walking


Main Barn:

  • 12, 12x12stalls
  • Foaling Stall (12,18)
  • Interior windows
  • 2 Wash Stalls
  • Office, Laundry, Storage
  • Year Round Shed Row – Used for jogging and hacking

Upper Barn:

  • 40 12x10 Stalls
  • Exterior and Interior Windows
  • Wash Pad
  • Tack Room and Office

Stallion Row:

  • 4 12X10 stalls
  • Isolated from remainder of stock



Allow Goodwin Farm to bring your thoroughbred to race ready. Whether just starting out or coming off of a lay-up we are able to register breezes, and will send you periodic updates and breeze times. Goodwin Farm will prepare your horse within just a few breezes of racing.


Our breaking season starts in the late fall. Goodwin Farm takes an easier approach on breaking two year olds and up. With the use of our round pen, breaking tack, patience and individual attention we ease each horse though the breaking process. Each horse is introduced to the rider thought a series of gradual steps resulting in a horse that is confident and able to understand basic and intermediate commands. After a short break the horse is then introduced to the track and pre-training begins.


Many thoroughbreds need time off or perhaps experience an injury. To foster a horse entering lay-up status, Goodwin Farm can offer premier veterinarian care, lush paddocks and hand grazing. Our years of experience and horsemanship enable us to treat each horse individually, ensuring a complete and speedy recovery.

Broodmare & Foal Care

Goodwin Farm’s second division is dedicated to broodmare, foal and yearling care. Our highly experienced staff can assist you with selecting a stallion, managing all contracts, shipping and covering. Thereafter, we are equipped to raise your foal through weaning and into his/her yearling year.

Sales Preparation

Allow Goodwin Farm’s Staff to prepare your weanling or yearling for sales. We know how important it is to have each entry looking and behaving better than the competition. Our handlers have years of inside experience on how to achieve the best possible results. We will also manage all registration, contracts and sales.


Ommadon, 1998

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